Materials Characterization Facility

Lehigh's Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) consists of a world class suite of electron microscopy instrumentation as well as a cutting-edge surface science facility.

Electron microscopy

Lehigh hosts one of the most extensive suites of electron microscopy instrumentation in the world. From cutting edge TEM, SEM and FIB, to microscopes designed for hands-on student learning, the microscopy facility is well-suited to tackle a wide range of research challenges and train the next-generation of electron microscopy leaders. Browse the available instrumentation via the links below.

Surface Characterization

Lehigh's Surface Characterization suite consists of Low Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS), the most surface sensitive elemental technique in existence as well as one of the few X-ray photoemission spectrometers capable of near-ambient pressure measurements at a research institution. Learn more about the capabilities of these instruments via the links below.