JEOL JXA-8900R Superprobe

The JEOL JXA-8900 is an electron probe micro-analysis (EPMA) system, which is optimized for high accuracy in quantitative elemental analysis by wavelength dispersive spectroscopy (WDS).

The EPMA is currently equipped with four wavelength spectrometers and full automation featuring Probe for EPMA software. The microprobe is particularly  well suited for quantifying trace elements due to its high peak to background ratios. The X-ray spectral resolution is also an order of magnitude better than EDS eliminating the need for peak overlap corrections.

-Tungsten cathode
-Accelerating voltage range: 0.2-40 kV
-4 WD spectrometers / 12 analyzing crystals
-WDS analysis from Be to U
-Full automation by Probe for EPMA software
-Thermo Fisher System 6 EDS