I-FMD Managed Core Facilities

Lehigh University hosts two core facilities for materials research: The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF), and the Integrated Nanofabrication and Cleanroom Facility (INCF).

Both the MCF and INCF are available for use by Lehigh faculty and students as well as external academic, government, and industry partners.

Explore the capabilities of these facilities below and reach out to I-FMD staff if you would like to become a user of any of this instrumentation.

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Materials Characterization Facility (MCF)

Lehigh's MCF houses both a world-class electron microscopy suite and cutting-edge tools for surface science R&D.

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Integrated Nanofabrication and Cleanroom Facility (INCF)

The INCF at Lehigh University consists of the III-V and Silicon-based nanofabrication cleanrooms, consolidated into a single facility. 

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