The Hitachi 4300SE/N is an easy to use high resolution variable pressure, field emission SEM. It’s array of additional optional accessories make it a truly versatile analytical research SEM. The 4300SE/N features a 30 mm2 EDAX Octane Elect Plus Silicon Drift Detector (EDS) for performing elemental analysis and mapping, and a EDAX/TSL Hakari camera for performing EBSD analysis.

-Schottky field emission electron source
-Image resolution 1.5 nm @ 30 kV & 5 nm @ 1 kV
-Magnification 20X – 500,000X
-Low vacuum operation (10-800 Pa)
-Environmental SE detector (ESED)
-YAG backscatter detector (BSE)
-Scanning transmission detector (STEM)

Additional Features:
-High resolution imaging of non-conductive samples
-5 Axis motorized stage
-EDAX 30 mm2 SDD EDS featuring Genesis and TEAM software
-EDAX/TSL High speed Hakari EBSD camera
-Specimen exchange airlock for rapid sample change