Karl Suss MA-6, BA-6 Aligner

Mask aligner and UV exposure tool is designed for high resolution photolithography. The MA-6, BA-6 is able to perform both front and backside alignment of samples up to 3 inches. Exposure wavelengths of 365 and 405 nm are available. Soft contact, hard contact, vacuum contact and flood exposure modes are available. A split field microscope and monitor are used for top side alignment and cameras are used for backside alignment.

Karl Suss MJB-3 Aligner

The Karl Suss MJB-3 aligner is a manually operated contact aligner with a stage size accepting up to 3 inch wafers and uses a mask size of 4 inches. The UV light is unfiltered to provide an exposure using various spectrum lines from a 350 watt mercury short arc lamp. Because the stage height and contact pressure can be manually changed, this aligner can handle different wafer and mask thicknesses. Sample sizes from small pieces to 3 inch wafers can be processed. The MJB-3 is equipped with a split field microscope.

Reynolds Tech Developer Wet Bench

The Reynolds Tech Developer Wet Bench is used for photolithography. Digital hotplates are included for resist post exposure bakes or post develop hard bakes.

Solitec Programmable Spinner

The Solitec programmable spinner can be used with photo resists and various polymers. The Solitec spinner is capable of allowing the operator to adjust the ramp speed and up to 5 separate spin speeds and times on a single sample. Sample sizes from ¼” to 6” can be processed.