Allied Techprep Polishing

The Techprep System enables precise semi-automatic sample preparation of a wide range of materials for microscopic (optical, SEM, EBSD, FIB, TEM, AFM, etc.) evaluation. Capabilities include parallel polishing, angle polishing, site-specific polishing or any combination thereof. It provides reproducible sample results by eliminating inconsistencies between users, regardless of their skill.

Isomet 4000

The IsoMet 4000 Precision Saw was designed for cutting various material types with minimal deformation. 1 micron sample positioning allows for precise sectioning of specimens. User selectable feed rate allows for ultimate versatility.

Kulicke & Soffa Wire Bonder

The K & S is an advanced wedge bonder used for process development, production and research. It provides high yield and excellent repeatability.

Nikon MM – 60

The Nikon MM – 60 enables much more accurate measurements of the Z-axis. The measuring microscope has a linear glass scale that covers the full range of vertical movements.