Plasma-Therm Apex SLR ICP Etcher

Plasma-Therm APEX SLR provides etching capabilities over a variety of materials and substrates. The small footprint, low cost, ease of use and superior performance makes the Apex SLR ideal for a wide range of uniform, high quality ICP etch applications. Our etcher is specially configured to perform III-V semiconductor material etch applications.

Adixen I Speeder 100

The Adixen is an ICP DRIE which utilizes the Bosh process to produce straight walled deep vertical etching in silicon. It has a load lock and etching of samples up to 6” diameter is possible with appropriate fixtures. Substrate temperature can be chilled to modify etching characteristics. Biasing the substrate is done with a LF power supply. The entire operation is computer controlled.

Chemical Wet Bench

Acid and base chemical processing. Hot plate, DI water and N2 dry. Wafer and piece processing available.

Technics 800 RIE

The Technics 800 Micro Reactive Ion Etch system utilizes various components in a specific sequence to etch thin films of silicon oxide and silicon nitride. The RIE is capable of processing samples from small pieces up to 6 inch wafers.