Denton DV 602 Sputtering System

Sputtering allows single or multiple thin film compositions such as Al, AlSi(1%), AlSi(1%)Cu(0.5%), to be deposited onto samples from a single custom fabricated source target. The Denton DV-602 sputtering system holdstwo 4” magnetron source material targets that can be fed by either a DC or RF power supply. The RF power supply is used to sputter dielectric materials. The partial pressures of up to three different sputtering gases are controlled by mass flow controllers. Up to six 3” diameter substrates can be loaded onto a rotary platen for sputtered thin film depositions.

Eddy SC 20 E-beam Evaporator

The Eddy E beam metal system is a 4 pocket metal evaporator capable of running up to 4 different metals in a single run, without breaking vacuum. The SC 20 controller allows for real-time film thickness monitoring. Deposition rates starting at 0.1A per second can be achieved. Available metals include Ag, Au, Cr, Cu, Ge, Ni, Pt and Ti.

Indel E-beam Evaporator

The Indel E beam evaporator is a cryo pumped high vacuum system using a Telemark TT-6 power supply and a four pocket crucible assembly. Evaporation of four different materials is possible without breaking vacuum. A specially designed viewing fixture allows continuous monitoring of single or multi layer processes. The processes are controlled by a Sycon STC – 200 controller. The chamber contains three planetary holders, each designed to hold up to 6 three inch wafers. Smaller samples can be affixed to an adapter plate. The planetary can be rotated during the run to provide uniform film thickness and step coverage. Rods or other types of holders can be used to hold samples for lift off. This system has been used for aluminum, titanium, gold, platinum, silver, chromium, nickel, ITO, molybdenum, copper and tantalum. Other metals evaporation and deposition are possible.

Mission Peak MP 100S

The Mission Peak MP 100S is a noncontact thin film measurement system with a spectrometer and optical probe mounted on an X-Y stage. The MP100-S measures Oxide, Nitride, Photoresist, Ploysilicon, CIE chromaticity, cell gap, color filter and polyimide/ITO thickness. The MP100 offers a 3D measurement display and 4 layers of measurement capability.

Plasmatherm 790 PECVD

The Plasmatherm 790 is a flexible parallel plate Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition system. Silicon oxide and silicon nitride deposition are possible using temperatures ranging from 80 degrees C to 400 degrees C. Sample sizes up to 6 inches can be processed.

Tencor Alpha-Step D-500 Stylus Profiler

The Tencor Alpha Step 500 is a high magnification programmable measurement system for both thin and thick films. The Alpha-Step D-500 stylus profiler is capable of measuring 2D step heights from a few nanometers up to 1200µm. The D-500 also supports 2D measurements of roughness, bow and stress for R&D and production environments.