reGenerative Materials and the Soft/Light-interacting Materials

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Development of soft materials as specific components, based on organic molecules, droplets and particles, and integrating them into a comprehensive framework can be used to make new classes of active systems.  This group explores two such areas.  The first investigates (re)Generative materials that are autonomous material systems with stimuli-responsive processes that can be activated for manufacturing of de novo material structure. The abundant display of such autonomous material systems in nature have inspired efforts to recruit biological mimicry in attempts to advance applications in tissue regeneration, self-healing materials and sustainable material manufacturing. These materials are developed from novel (re)generative material systems through engineering of select natural regenerative material systems and via bioinspired design of synthetic material systems that mimic their biological counterparts. The second focus area, this research thrust develops high-risk/high-reward approaches for design of light-manipulating soft matter.  These materials will generate dynamic photonic responses from other stimuli. The primary mechanism is the chemical, mechanical, or field-driven manipulation and assembly of building blocks including quantum dots, liquid crystalline materials, and magnetically-responsive colloids, building off of existing expertise of the associated members.

Thrust Members:

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