Poster Session

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Poster Session and Reception
Monday, November 18th
3:00 - 5:00 pm
The following posters will be presented by Lehigh University Faculty:

M3-learning: Multifunctional, Materials, and Machine Learning

Joshua C. Agar

Predictive Manufacturing and Computational Materials Engineering: Alloys and Solar Materials

Ganesh Balasubramanian

Heterogeneous Catalysis for Unconventional Hydrocarbon Conversion

Jonas Baltrusaitis

Controlling Electromagnetic Radiation: From Nonlinear Optics to Optoelectronics

Ivan Biaggio

Biomimetic and Bio-inspired Materials for the Treatment of Infectious Disease

Angela Brown

Manipulation and Control of Bacterial Metabolism using Charge-Regulated Surfaces

Derick Brown

Stable Open-Shell Molecules: A Radical Design for Optoelectronic Organic Thin Film Materials

Mark Chen

Microdevices for Biosensing and Study of Biomaterials

Xuanhong Cheng

Modular Biomaterials for Functional Tissue Regeneration

Lesley Chow

Rare Earth Doped Nitrides for Solid State Lighting and Displays

Volkmar Dierolf

Laser Processing of Glasses: Active Waveguides, Single-Crystal Architecture

Dierolf-Jain Team

Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Fusion Welds and Additively Manufactured Components in Advanced Engineering Alloys

John DuPont

Computationally Accelerated Materials Selection and Research

Chinedu E. Ekuma

Understanding Experimental Materials: Theory of Disorder

Lisa A. Fredin

3D Nanostructured Coatings or Laboratory for Particle Mixing and Self-Organization

James Gilchrist

Design, Manufacturing and Operation of Advanced Manned and Unmanned Vehicles

Joachim L. Grenestedt

The Future of Engineering Inorganic Material Interfaces

Harmer-Marvel Team

Computer Simulation in Material Science using Polymer and Nanomaterial Builders in CHARMM-GUI

Wonpil Im

Interfacial Mechanical Properties of Soft Solids

Anand Jagota

Glass and Glass-Ceramics with Novel Functionality, Superior Performance

Himanshu Jain

Materials Chemistry and Processes for Energy and Environmental Sustainability: From Gas Separations to Materials in Extreme Environments

Kai Landskron

Functional 3D Printing Resins: Ceramic, Glass, Castable

Yaling Liu

Functional Materials for Energy Applications

Steve McIntosh

Incorporating Additive Manufacturing for New Applications of Metals

Wojciech Z. Misiolek

Simulation of Residual Stresses and Fracture Behavior for Additively Manufactured Components

Herman Nied

Cell Responsive Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine

E. Thomas Pashuck

Bulk and Thin-Film Single Crystal Growth of Next-Generation Superhard, Electronic & Optical Materials

Siddha Pimputkar

Hierarchical Structuring of Porous, Functional Materials

Mark Snyder

Atomic and Molecular Layer Deposition: From Photovoltaics to Novel Dielectrics to Ultra-Wear-Resistant Materials

Nicholas Strandwitz

Novel Strategies to Selectively Target and Deliver Therapeutics to Tumors and Other Acidic Tissues

Damien Thévenin

Active Cellular Biopolymers: Force Generation for Cell Movement and Self-Organization in Confinement

Dimitrios Vavylonis

The Ultimate Characterization Under Materials Processing Conditions: Operando Molecular Spectroscopy

Israel E. Wachs

Development of Materials with Improved Physical Properties through Solid State Recycling

Watanabe-Vermaak-Misiolek Team

Development of Multimodal Super-resolution Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical Imaging Instrument for Chemical, Biological and Material Research

Xiaoji Xu

Colloidal Active Particles: Synthesis, Single-particle Dynamics and Ensemble Behavior 

H. Daniel Ou-Yang

Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectroscopy to Measure Photo-Chemistry of Consequence: Dynamics in Materials for Photovoltaics to Photodynamic Therapy

Elizabeth Young

Single-Molecule Techniques for Characterization of Functional Biomaterials

Frank Zhang

Surface Analysis Facility

Henry Luftman

The Microscopy Center

Chris Keily