Microscopy School Testimonials

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"The course was spectacular! Great instructors and great set-up! Everything stayed on schedule, which I appreciated. The instructors were knowledgeable, approachable and entertaining. Will highly recommend!"
"Probably the best post-college I have ever taken! Overall great experience."
"All of the helpers, staff, and food service personnel were wonderfully helpful and welcoming."
"Very nice structure to lectures combined with labs. Multiple presentations of concepts were useful."
"Great course, ready to get back to my machine and play!"
"A perfect mix of theory and practice. Very important to have different microscopes/tools with varying options. Good job!"
"I really enjoyed the forensic lectures as well as the maintenance of the SEM. Also, I learned from other 'students,' so it was good."
"Course provided an excellent base and very useful applications that can be taken and applied."
"So much but I couldn’t see how you could do it any other way. Great course!"
"Course provided an excellent base and very useful applications that can be taken and applied. Good audience interaction. Kept lectures on topic and made them interesting."
"The course is very informative and well designed. All the lecturers are approachable and helpful."
"Thank you for preparing such a beneficial course. Having the entire week to focus only on microscopy learning, from the best in the industry, was phenomenal. For me, I took away a much better understanding of my customer’s needs, e.g., their materials, workflow from sample preparation to imaging or microanalysis, and the tools and techniques to get the results they need."