Research FEG-SEM - Zeiss LEO 1550

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The Zeiss/Leo 1550VP is a high resolution, variable pressure, field emission, VPFESEM. It’s unique Gemini column combined with an in-lens secondary electron detector make it ideal for imaging soft materials at extremely high magnifications. The 1550 features an 80 mm2 Oxford X-Max Silicon Drift Detector (EDS) for performing elemental analysis and mapping, and a Nabity Nanometer Pattern Generation System (NPGS) for doing advanced electron beam lithography. The large specimen chamber is particularly useful when dealing with bigger samples and the variable pressure mode is used for imaging non-conducting samples where a conductive coating is undesirable.

-Schottky FE source with high current mode
-Accelerating voltage range 0.1 kV – 30 kV
-Resolution: 1 nm@20 kV / 3 nm@1 kV
-8 mm analytical working distance
-5-axis motorized stage including 900 tilt
-In-lens SE detector
–Robinson BSE detector
–Low Vacuum operation (5-100 Pa)

Additional Features
-Oxford/INCA X-Max SDD EDS featuring INCA software
-In-situ nanomechanical testing (Hysitron P185)
-Beam deceleration providing excellent low kV imaging
-ESEM detector for observing non-conducting samples
-Nabity Pattern Generation System
-In-situ heating stage (Gatan)
-Large Sample Chamber

Leslie O'Brien, SEM Manager