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FEI/Philips XL-30 ESEM

The FEI XL30 is a true ESEM with the ability to image specimens at pressures up to 20 mbar. It is also equipped with a cold stage capable of reaching temperatures down to -100 C. When running in high vacuum mode, it’s a very capable general purpose SEM utilizing a tungsten electron source. The extremely friendly user interface makes it ideal for novice users who do not require the higher resolution capabilities of an FESEM. Additional capabilities include EDS analysis and a nano-CT X-ray imaging system.

-Tungsten cathode
-Accelerating voltage: 0.1-30 kV
-Resolution 6 nm @ 30 kV
-4-axis motorized stage with manual tilt
-Solid state BSE detector
-Gaseous secondary electron detector (GSED)
-Specimen chamber variable up to 20 mbar

Additional Features:
-EVEX EDS system
-Gatan XuM nanoCT X-ray Imaging system

Leslie O'Brien, SEM Manager