About I-FMD

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About the Institute

Lehigh University’s Institute for Functional Materials & Devices (I-FMD) pursues innovative new materials and devices that underpin many of society’s greatest challenges, from detecting and treating disease, to implementing large-scale renewable energy sources, to securing food and fresh water for all. I-FMD brings together Lehigh’s interdisciplinary expertise in the synthesis, fabrication, processing, and materials characterization as applied to sensors, actuators, and other devices that have critical functionality across mechanical, electronic, photonic, and chemical domains.

I-FMD Research Thrusts

  • Materials Synthesis and Growth under Extreme Conditions
  • Renewable Energy to Products: Sustainable Chemicals for Life 
  • Photonics and Optoelectronics
  • Active Soft Materials towards Bio-functional Nano-Robotics
  • Wound Healing and Biomaterials
  • High Performance Material Processing and Additive Manufacturing